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thornhill Northern Karate student doing a martial art jump kick







Norther Karate Schools teacher helping young student learn to high kick

In our 4 to 7 year old class, our main goal is learning life skills such as focus, listening and self-discipline while building confidence along with a strong body and strong mind.  As a parent, you will notice positive changes in your child in a very short time.  These changes will occur not only in karate but will also translate to home and school.  

8 to 13 Year Old, Beginner
4 to 7 Year Old, Beginner
Teens and Adults, Beginner

In our 8 to 13 year old class, our focus is on improving skills that your child has acquired.  We want students to develop self-discipline and self-confidence.  We want to build resiliency in your child and do so by challenging them physically and mentally in a safe environment.

nothern karate schools teacher helping young student learn to front kick
northern karate school teacher practicing a flow movement sequence

In our Teens and Adults Class, we work on learning new skills.  The pace and exercises performed in this class are meant to keep you focused on yourself while blocking outside stressors.  The goal is to improve your fitness, challenge you mentally and physically and reduce stress all while learning a new skill. 

Combat Conditioning

In our Combat Conditioning Class, teens and adults train in workout gear.  Whether hitting pads, lifting kettle bells, striking heavy bags, using battle ropes and other fun toys you are sure to get a great work out.  Combat Conditioning is included in your Beginner Level Program but you can also train in just the Combat Conditioning Class.  Every workout is unique and you will be sure to leave sweaty and smiling! 

2 students at nothern karate schools in combat conditioning class
Combat Veritas®
2 students at northern karate schools in combat veritas class sparring

In our Combat Veritas® Class, students will work on striking, ground drills and takedowns.  Each class focuses on a different element.  During Total classes, students will combine all techniques in a safe manner.  With the occasional Open Mat class, students will have the opportunity to try their techniques against an opponent.  This class has a bit more intensity and is included as part of our Intermediate/Advanced Level Program (Orange Belts and above).  If you are interested in training in just the Combat Veritas® Class then message us to discuss it further.

Karate Fusion

In our Karate Fusion Class, students train in workout gear.  In this class we begin working on the elements of striking, grappling and throwing.  This class is meant to give Intermediate/Advanced Level students a more realistic training experience but is done in a very safe manner.  Karate Fusion is a step below our Combat Veritas® Class and is meant for students of all ages.

2 students at northern karate schools in karate fusion class
Intermediate Level Classes
student at northern karate schools in intermediate level class practicing a karate stance

Once students have shown a good understanding of the Beginner Level material, they have the opportunity to train in our Intermediate Level Classes.  In these classes students start to learn how to control an opponent.  Students begin to spar, start learning striking combinations, work on intermediate level kata and start leaning takedowns and ground.  This is were all you training starts coming together.

Advanced Level Classes

In the Advanced Level Classes, students begin to apply their skills against an opponent while improving their reaction time.  During Advanced Level Classes students will build on their knowledge, work on advanced level kata and begin/continue to work on Kobudo (traditional martial arts weapons).  Some students in the Advanced Level Classes have been training 15-20+ years.  One thing is for sure, there is always something to work on and improve.  It is our job to constantly challenge our students.

student at northern karate schools in the advanced level karate class practicing high power kick
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